Hope in Trials

When trials buffet life, we can lose sight of Christ.  He is the One Who is our hope, enabling joy amidst suffering.  Without hope, we become discouraged, fettered in doubt.  Hope motivates.  Hope renewed refreshes the weary soul.  May your eyes be fixed on Our Hope today!

Oh blessed Hope!  My faithful steed
through tests of faith doth bear,
My joy in trials, completeness seek,
and shall present me there.

On endurance cast thine eye
looking to thy end,
when complete in Christ I'll rest
as is thy faithful trend.

Arriving at thy heavenly goal
surveying life I'll see,
Through momentary light affliction
thou hast shouldered me.

For the weight of glory I
prepared shall realize,
these momentary trials forgot
when Christ besets my eyes.

So come disaster, scorn, and shame
perfection be Thy grant,
"I shall follow Way, Truth, Life"
forever be my chant.

Unmooring ties to friend and foe
and loved ones shouldst Thou call,
Thy hopeful winds shall forceful drive
my faith-sails to Thine hall.

Mine eye on heaven, the home of Christ,
with joyful soul shall I,
endure what suffering Thou deem best
and ever homeward fly.

Then docking in Thy heavenly port
forsaking bowel and bile,
gazing on Thy shining face
shall make my wait worth while.